What is a virtual office?

A virtual office grants you a business address for trading purposes, providing a tangible presence and introducing an additional dimension to your enterprise. Comparable to a physical office, a virtual office offers numerous advantages without the associated high expenses. Operate from the convenience of your personal abode while affiliating your business with a bustling physical office location. Through our virtual office solutions, you'll acquire a mailing address, along with the choice to utilize a dedicated phone number and call answering services. Employ your virtual office address on your website, business cards, and invoices – you could even display it on a billboard to announce to the world. Furthermore, you can also make use of our spacious meeting spaces to impress and captivate your clients.

Why Virtual Offices Network?

We possess one of the most extensive networks of virtual offices in the UK, featuring solely top-tier properties and structures. To elaborate, our portfolio encompasses over 700 premium destinations, each equipped with meeting rooms – an aspect often disregarded but certainly significant when selecting a virtual office. We stand as the authorities in virtual office services, and our credentials substantiate this claim. Our offerings extend beyond mere virtual office space; they encompass high-end amenities, including leading call answering services to prevent leaving your clients unattended. Additionally, our thorough anti-money laundering checks guarantee the safety and security of your business. Our imagery remains true to reality, devoid of filters, alterations, or Photoshop enhancements, allowing the innate beauty of our office locations to shine through. We're not merely selling you an illusion; we're transforming it into reality. Our commitment to keeping prices reasonable and competitive demonstrates our dedication to safeguarding your financial interests. With an extensive roster of over 700 locations, nearly every building offers bookable meeting rooms and collaborative workspaces. When it concerns matters of significance, we prioritize professionalism. All our sites adhere to health and safety regulations while ensuring you're not sharing your business location with questionable traders or individuals. Our pledge is to shield both our enterprise and yours, maintaining quality by filtering out undesirable elements.

How long does setup take and what paperwork do I need?

Simplifying the setup process is our priority, recognizing that time holds financial value, and considering the numerous tasks you need to tackle. To establish your virtual office address, we request verification of your identity, which can be furnished through a passport or driver's license, along with details of your registered business address, personal address, and Incorporation documents. These prerequisites apply to all business shareholders or solely to you if you function as a sole trader. After verifying your identification documents, your new virtual address can be activated on the very same day, frequently within a few hours.

Is VAT included in your pricing?

No. Prices shown are exclusive of VAT.

How does a virtual office work?

By opting for virtual office space rental, you're unlocking fresh prospects and openings for your business – possibilities that might remain untapped while you're stationed at your kitchen table, working from home. However, please know that we hold no judgment in that regard, genuinely. A virtual office functions by furnishing you with a polished and top-notch office presence – devoid of the substantial costs linked to physical office arrangements. As a result, your website, social media platforms, business cards, invoices, and more can showcase your brand-new virtual office address, all while maintaining the illusion of authenticity. Additionally, you have the option to utilize meeting facilities, facilitating the arrangement of crucial business appointments, granting you a competitive edge. And we're quite fond of a bit of friendly competition. Furthermore, you can even select features like phone answering or mail services, streamlining administrative tasks and demarcating your professional endeavors from your personal life. This combination offers a refined and superior office presence, all without the burdensome expenses associated with traditional physical office spaces. Truly splendid.

Is there a setup fee?

This charge encompasses the necessary verifications we must conduct to fulfill our obligations regarding Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. There is yes. As a registered provider in accordance with The Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds Regulations 2017, we hold a legal duty to validate your identity and conduct regular assessments of all clients utilizing our virtual addresses. The initial setup fee encompasses the expenses linked to these mandated checks. While it might not have an appealing ring to it, this process holds significant importance – and we're well aware of the significance it carries for our clients in ensuring the security of their businesses.

Is there a contract?

Yes, our agreement operates on a month-to-month basis. We comprehend the essential need for businesses to have flexibility, and our month-to-month arrangement ensures that you're not bound by lengthy durations. This setup further permits you to either prolong or conclude your contract with a 30-day notification, offering you the flexibility to adapt as needed. Whether you're inclined towards spontaneous decisions or meticulously laid plans, there's an option tailored to your style. Alternatively, you also have the choice to opt for an annual payment, accompanied by a generous 20% discount.